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An Evening With Benjamin Butterfield

Kappella Kyrie with be performing with internationally reknowned tenor Benjamin Butterfield on Wednesday November 15 at 730 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church (Edmonton)

10025 105 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1C8


Dr. Joachim Segger, Piano,

Kappella Kyrie Slavic Chamber Choir, Dr. Melanie Turgeon, Conductor,

Elizabeth Raycroft, Soprano,

Jihwan Cho, Baritone

Works by Chesnokov, Gounod, Leontovych, Liudkevych, Lysenko, Macintyre, Stepovyi, and others.

Tickets available at:
Eventbrite (,

The King’s University Bookstore (780) 465-8306,

or at the door.
$20 / Adults
$15 / Seniors, Alumni, and Non-King’s Students
$5 / Children under 12
King’s students free with valid ID

Info (780) 465-3500 Ext. 8028


Kappella Kyrie selected as choir for Podium 2016 Church service

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and experience a worship service in Edmonton’s Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, consisting exclusively of a longstanding tradition of a cappella singing. Kappella Kyrie Slavic Chamber Choir will sing The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and share music spanning from the 17th to the 21st century, including works by Diletsky, Bortniansky, Gretchaninoff, Tavener, Hurko, and numerous other composers. St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral (10825 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB) is an ideal setting for this Podium event, given that it is a provincial historical site and a monument of church architecture in North America. This special event is associated with the Podium 2016 Choral Congress and Festival.

This Divine Liturgy will occur Sunday, May 22 2016 at 9 am.

Kappella Kyrie Podium 2016 Poster 1

Kappella Kyrie Podium 2016 Program

What is an All-Night Vigil?

An All-Night Vigil is a service in the Eastern Orthodox or Eastern Catholic Church consisting of a combination of Vespers, Matins, and the First Hour. This service is celebrated at sunset on Saturdays, which is technically the dawn of the new Liturgical day. The Propers at Vespers and Matins introduce the themes for the Sunday morning Divine Liturgy. In addition to being celebrated on Saturday evenings, All-Night Vigils are also celebrated on the eves of major Liturgical Feast Days.

Without question, the most famous and beloved musical setting of the All-Night Vigil is Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Op. 37, which was composed in less than two weeks in January and February 1915. It was premiered on March 10, 1915 by the Moscow Synodal Choir under the direction of Nikolai Danilin, a colleague and friend of Rachmaninoff.

Kappella Kyrie chose to program Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil this year for a variety of reasons, yet with two specific intentions in mind. First, Kappella Kyrie is celebrating its 5th Anniversary. The choir had its first rehearsal in mid-June, 2010.
Second, since the All-Night Vigil was both composed and premiered in 1915, this year marks the 100th Anniversary of this monumental choral composition of the 20th century.

The phrase “All-Night Vigil” may cause some people to question if this is an event requiring them to pack a toothbrush and sleeping bag. Singing Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil as an actual church service has likely never been done before in Canada and possibly even in North America. Consequently, we do not have a precise timing; however, our goal is to complete the service within a similar duration of a choral concert; accordingly, around 2 to 2.5 hours. Of course since this is a church service there is no intermission. As is characteristic of Eastern Christian Churches, the singing is continuous. Come and celebrate with us and awaken your senses.

Kappella Kyrie celebrates Rachmaninoff’s famous All-Night Vigil

Awaken your senses and join Kappella Kyrie Slavic Chamber Choir as they sing Rachmaninoff’s famous All-Night Vigil as an actual church service on Saturday, June 6 at 6 p.m. at St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church (9930-167 Street) and again on Saturday, June 13 at 6 p.m. at St. John Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (10951-107 Street).  Admission is by donation; no tickets required.  For more information view our events page.

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