I am interested!

If you are interested in joining Kappella Kyrie Slavic Chamber Choir we would love to hear from you. You can join as a singer or be a part of our production and administration team.
If your interest is in singing, your inquiry will be passed on to our Artistic Director who will meet with you to gauge your musical abilities, determine any previous experience you have and discuss your goals. It is not mandatory to have any musical background. We have members who have never sung in a choir before. This conversation allows our Artistic Director to place you into a section within the choir. Singers with less experience are placed adjacent to singers with more experience so that we accommodate for each other’s strengths and weaknesses and set everyone up for success. Kappella Kyrie Slavic Chamber Choir has existed for ten years and we have been blessed with new members every single year. If your interest is only on the production and administrative areas, your inquiry will be passed on to our Board of Directors.

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds. Most often new members join us during the summer as it is common for singers to be looking for ensembles at that time; however, if an inquiry is made mid-year it is no different. We make it possible for you to commence at our next rehearsal. Customarily we meet every two weeks; however, immediately before concerts we often require weekly rehearsals. A variety of repertoire is selected for preparation and performance. This repertoire is supplemented and reinforced by various vocal, sight-reading and aural skills exercises. Each rehearsal begins with an ensemble warm-up followed by a strategically planned choral rehearsal. Members further develop their sight-reading and listening skills as well as their understanding of choral music and its history. The choir will prepare and perform both accompanied and a cappella music from various centuries. A text translation, basic formal analysis and/or synopsis is shared for all music covered. Repertoire will be of differing styles and in various languages such as Ukrainian, German, Polish, Russian, Latin, French and English. Members are not required to have any knowledge of these languages, as rehearsal time also includes diction instruction. Depending on the repertoire selected for a given season we frequently host guest conductors and music experts to further augment the learning experience for our membership.

If you are interested in singing or volunteering with Kappella Kyrie, please click on the button at the top of the page to setup a time to meet with us.